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  1. asterat

    OU RBY OU Viability Rankings

    can someone give me a tl;dr on why gengar is up so much? I remember gengar being like right above slowbro and that seems reasonable from my rby experience? have people started using structures that rely on Gengar as sole sleeper or something? are tauros/lax dropping eq? surely the rise of zam...
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    OU RBY OU Discussion Thread

    I mean it would be on every team. Stats, movepool, typing too good to ignore. Even if those moves were banned it has insane bulk and power. Explosion has to be mandatory, blizzard probably also on every set. Then pick what you want between psychic body slam thunderbolt eq twave hyper beam or...
  3. asterat

    OU ADV OU Viability Ranking

    steelix seems low? there's top level players who have built numerous steelix teams that like succeed at a high level and make sense and can demonstrate steelix's niche and why it's not just bargain bin metagross. like it needs support but it has a niche and a lot of good traits. but the other...
  4. asterat

    Resource Simple Questions/Simple Answers: Random Battles Edition

    I mean is there any sort of council or oversight? Like you're having a nice battle and it's close and the opponent has Glalie or Scovillain (latter much worse ofc) and it immediately just wins like 70% of the time. I'm high on the ladder too, so this isn't like I'm a complete scrub. When I have...
  5. asterat

    Resource Simple Questions/Simple Answers: Random Battles Edition

    umm can sub protect moody be banned? it kinda ruins every game it's in.
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    Metagame Terastallization Tiering Discussion [ UPDATE POST #1293]

    a separate ladder really does seem like a good idea, nobody really knows if tera is truly broken long term. It adds a lot of surprise and it's hard to prepare for, but it's also a ton of fun and adds creativity to building. I really don't think it's as bad as dynamax, and I think everyone would...
  7. asterat

    Pokémon Azumarill

    Azumarill @ Sitrus Berry / Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Huge Power Tera Type: Water / Fairy EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Liquidation - Aqua Jet - Play Rough - Sing I call it "I don't want to get steamrolled by Chi-Yu Chien Pao and Baxcalibur and maybe if I do get walled I can...
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    OU BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    im going to make hydreigon great again. below forretress and aerodactyl will not stand.
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    OU BW OverUsed Ladder Achievements [Custom Avatar Prize Available]

    claiming lowest level winstreak as burungeruser, will continute once verified :)
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    OU GSC OU Viability Rankings mk. 4

    Alakazam top 20 2024. He is so much fun to use, and really does fairly well against lax/zap/cloy + normal resist + 2 offense mons teams especially if they have Nidoking/Gengar. If you can thief lefties and have spikes up even threatens big lax. Surprised to see Machamp drop, would have thought...
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    Other Tiers Adv Staaabmons

    Gen3 doesn't have a lot of abilities that newer gens do so some of the more op/centralizing stuff in aaa/bh in modern gens isn't around. I think levitate is insane because it is a spikes immunity and bc there are so much less moves eq immunity is worth a lot. levitate jirachi instantly seems...
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    OU ADV OU Metagame Discussion

    ADV OU is perfect as it is... what about sleep? Is hypnogar really perfect?
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    OU BW OU Victim of the Week: Week 9 - Alakazam | Submissions Phase

    check: rotom (it's rotom-a past gen 4 right?) counter: skarmory i honestly think rotom-w is borderline not a counter it's so shitty at actually beating drill in practice, but whatevs. like p much every sand team with rotom needs one of other 3 listed counters too.
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    ok i dont actually care enough to ladder for this i was obviouisly trolling. delete.

    ok i dont actually care enough to ladder for this i was obviouisly trolling. delete.
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    how high do they have to be.

    how high do they have to be.
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    OU BW OU Victim of the Week: Week 9 - Alakazam | Submissions Phase

    Eelektross @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 160 HP / 252 SpA / 96 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 2 Atk / 30 Def - Volt Switch - Flamethrower - Hidden Power [Ice] - Giga Drain Eelektross has levitate so he is immune to earthquake, and he resists iron head. He has leftovers to heal...
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    Admit Your Minor First World Barbaric Urges

    i live alone so I use my dishwasher as a cabinet and never put my dishes away. then i put them in the sink when dirty, and then empty the sink into the dishwasher once all the dishes have moved from the dishwasher to the sink. rinse, repeat, effort saved.
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    OU Rest Forretress and Role Compression (+2021 GSC Cup run review)

    thank you earthworm, very cool!
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    OU BW OU Hub

    If joke analyses are being removed, Gothitelle should be deleted as well. Magikarp didn't hurt anybody, that bs certainly did.